So here are five ways that I have found really beneficial in turning my angst into creative fuel.
4. Doodling Is An Outlet For Every Day Creativity Thy Anh Vo finds it freeing to doodle caricatures of herself Doodles can
It's a beautiful thing when two entirely different art forms fit so well together that the boundaries between vision and
Here are the top 30 things that make me crazy when I'm trying to talk to people. I'll bet most of them drive you crazy, too.
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While we work hard to engage in their lives, not every minute, every second has to be about them. Not every activity needs to revolve around them. Not every conversation is ok to be interrupted with their immediate need or want. And sometimes, sometimes, they have to learn how to wait.
Teachers may look down on doodles as a waste of time and a sign of a lesson unlearned, but a new viral video points out the
The other day at the end of a meeting, my colleague remarked how much I doodle - in the course of our conference call, I