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When 25-year-old Amber Hilberling was found dead in her prison cell on October 24, 2016, her mom, Rhonda, and stepfather
Megyn Kelly gained national attention when she moderated the first Republican primary debate last August, where she faced
Fifteen years ago, Megyn Kelly was working as an attorney and was married to a physician. “On paper, I felt that I was succeeding
A day after then 19-year-old University of Minnesota junior Abby Honold was brutally raped in 2014 by fellow student Daniel
Former California Congressman Gary Condit is speaking out publicly for the first time in 15 years about the case that rocked
In 2001, a murder mystery tore through the headlines and rocked Capitol Hill. Chandra Levy, a young  intern for the Federal
Former substitute teacher Mary Beth Haglin claims a 17-year-old high school student with whom she had a nine-month sexual
“The student is the one who seduced me,” claims 24-year-old former substitute teacher, Mary Beth Haglin. “I am the victim
“As an adult, I’ve had a few interactions with Brooke Shields,” begins 49-year-old John Rinaldi, who says he has followed
In June 2016, 49-year-old John Rinaldi was convicted in New York on four misdemeanor counts of stalking and harassing actress