To do so, Mayor Muriel Bowser would need to select as Chancellor someone with the vision, experience successfully leading
For many teachers, helping students means a phone call home. And since we didn’t have a home, we didn’t have help.
“I hate reading.” Ouch. I’d rather walk across burning coal than to hear these words from the mouth of a student in my classroom
Teacher voices are seldom heard in the policy space. The new report from the Center on Education Policy's, Listen to Us: Teacher
In this Denver Post story, DPS Board Member Happy Haynes explained the shift this way: Or: What have students learned? ("academic
Efforts by the Obama administration to keep some teeth in the new law's regulations are drawing a lot of pushback from Republicans
At least since 1983 with the publication of A Nation at Risk, US education policy has been framed in response to the wrong crisis: International competition. It is time to assert what is needed for equitable democratic education.
With the passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), California is now in the process of transitioning from
Currently, school funding provides roughly equal resources to address vastly unequal needs. It is the single greatest point of discrimination in our educational system. Even in affluent districts, concentrated achievement gaps often reflect racial and socioeconomic segregation at the neighborhood level that magnify these unequal needs.
By recently replacing the failed No Child Left Behind with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Congress has created a huge
It is possible for everyone to lead a decent, secure life, but it will require limiting the privileges of the wealthy. Achieving that goal will not be easy or fast. It requires unity and trust across traditional religious, racial and ethnic divisions.
John King has the makings of another Arne Duncan, and on some points (e.g., ESSA Title I state plans), Sen. Lamar Alexander will want to use the Senate to rein King in. However, on other points (e.g., reckless charter spending; pressuring states to deliver on that 95 percent of test takers), King and Alexander will get on just fine.
For many individuals and organizations, having CS education raised to the level of being a national priority is a dream come true.
Although more Black and Latino students are enrolling in higher education, too many are still not college-ready. Given these challenges, it is important that our educational leaders take into account the unique challenges and lived experiences of students of color.
Schools with a healthy school culture tend to be mission-focused schools with a shared sense of purpose. The mission shows up in school-wide activities that are done well and consistently, like a daily morning meeting.
What may be the strangest outcome of the teacher shortage and ESSA is that, for the first time in our country's history, we are going to have to treat teachers the same way we treat any other resource. In this case, it is a human resource.
Curriculum: local plans must provide a "well-rounded" curriculum. 1112(b)(1)(A). What States/districts need to do now is
But ten years would have have been a short wait for educators who have been waiting almost 15 years for the latest update