The failure to properly investigate the USA Gymnastics doctor allowed him to sexually abuse 70 more athletes, lawmakers said in a Senate hearing.
Simone Biles teared up while talking on Capitol Hill during a hearing on the handling of the FBI investigation into Larry Nassar.
The "gross mishandling" of complaints against serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar led to "more athletes suffering unimaginable pain," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
"I have so much information in there - it's nuts," Kellye SoRelle told HuffPost about her iPhone.
Federal authorities also released a virtual map depicting the route they believe the suspect walked while planting the two pipe bombs the night of Jan. 5.
Samuel Lazar, the Pennsylvania Trump fanatic known to online sleuths as #FacePaintBlowHard, was photographed with GOP politicians.
A new report says Mike Lindell is providing a secret safe house to a Colorado county clerk amid an FBI investigation.
As the FBI investigates claims that Colorado voting machine passwords were given to a presumed QAnon leader, the clerk is reportedly at a secret safe house.
The FBI has arrested Logan Barnhart, whom online sleuths dubbed "CatSweat," with the help of the Sedition Hunters community.
The former president is "threatening law enforcement" like a "mob boss," said Andrew McCabe. "It's just outrageous."