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Everyone has their personal stories about Castro, but one thing everyone says is: "He took everything."
The former president of Cuba met with a coterie of cheese industry professionals at a food industry research institute in
His current role in policy-making is unknown. Many Cubans presume Raul Castro consults with his brother on major decisions
There is abundant evidence that it has been largely the energetic Cuban presence that has taken that decaying city and transformed it into what is really the economic capital of Latin America.
He took power in a 1959 revolution and spent much of his 49 years in power railing against the United States, which never
The New York Daily News got a little punnier with a photograph of Castro smoking a stogie under the headline "Close But No
Thanks to the good folks and diligent researchers at the National Security Archive--a research organization at George Washington University--Americans will now be able to add another placeholder for the former Secretary of State: hater of the Castros.
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, provoked by Cuba's military presence in Angola, wanted to stop its military from spreading to other African countries and organized the Washington Special Actions Group to draw the plans.
Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro voted in Cuba's general election on Sunday.
Raul Castro is decentralizing the state-dominated economy, allowing more space for private initiative in agriculture and