Funny Valentine’s Day cards

1. For the one who always notices the little things. "You're good at best friend things." Valentine's Day can still be fun
So, with that in mind, here's a batch of honest, hilarious, and heartwarming cards to give to your pregnant S.O. on February
Ashley Wagner is America's funny valentine. The 22-year-old from Virginia authored one of the first viral moments of the
Let's face it. Valentine's Day sucks. Single? You spend it wallowing in self-pity. Taken? You spend it disappointed that
Toronto artist Scotty Naughty had the good sense to plaster the ever-quotable mayor on a set of Valentine's Day cards this
17. 1. 16. 10. 19. 6. 13. 20. In case you've been stuck on what to give all your Internet valentines come February 14, a
If you’ve ever done online dating you know the messages you receive tend to be pretty strange and creepy. So, instead of
Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful and romantic holiday to celebrate with your loved one. Or it can be the most dreaded day
Fact: The only segment of the population that actually enjoys Valentine's Day is roughly .05%. For the single, jaded, and
There is no shortage of free eCards on the Web. 123 Greetings, Blue Mountain, even Hallmark has gotten into the free eCard
Men and women tell each other that honesty is the most important part of a relationship, which is itself a lie. Men want