ghost pepper

Plus, the only Jalapeño Popper recipe you'll ever need.
But there's a reason we braved the very first Hot Sauce Expo in New York City over the weekend. Much like beer, hot sauce
Hot sauce: some never leave home without a bottle of the stuff; others fear even brief exposure. So what is it about spicy food that causes such divisiveness?
Recently, we were introduced to the innards-melting 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka touted as the world's hottest vodka. Not content with just reaching the six-figure heat index, Master of Malt have doubled their efforts, and created the 250,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka.
CORRECTION: According to a February 2012 report, the ghost pepper may no longer be the world's hottest pepper. That "honor
Some people can take the heat, and some just can't. The heat we're referring to is the spicy, mouth-burning, sweat-inducing
Then there are the people that try extremely hot peppers, thinking that it won't affect them. Previously, we brought you