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Ryan Reynolds, Demi Lovato and Kendrick Lamar are just a few of the many celebrities who have spoken out about mental health.
The British actress took home the trophy for her performance in "The Favourite."
"The Wife" star dressed all in gold on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Lady Gaga and Glenn Close both took home the award for best actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards.
“The Americans” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” tied for top television winners with three apiece.
Glenn Close turned her surprise win at the Golden Globes into an empowering moment for women.
While discussing the president's phone call with a 7-year-old girl, Huckabee referenced the 1987 erotic thriller "Fatal Attraction," as you do.
Except maybe Jesse Brenneman's "Trump Country" tour.
Celebrities teamed up with the ACLU for a video titled "My Name Is Mirian."
The veteran actress joins the list of stars speaking out against the now-disgraced producer.
Editor’s note: Deconstructing Stigma: A Change in Thought Can Change a Life is a public awareness campaign developed by McLean
A version of this post also appears on Gossip Central. Webber has the distinction of having four musicals currently on Broadway
Just think about a world where someone is treated the same for a broken arm as having a broken spirit, and all that mattered was to get them the help they needed. That's the world I want to grow up in.