growth mindset

In Justin's seminar, we exchanged Growth Mindset stories reflecting on the question 'What is an area you / another had low
This is not a linear process. Sometimes your Creative Style is in conflict with a forgotten influence and suddenly you are
"The average income in Brownsville is $28,000 ($11,000 in the housing projects), this can also create an emotional burden
Meta-learning is part of every single discipline, not a layer on top or a separate "course". Every discipline has a role
Modern knowledge disciplines such as Technology & Engineering, Media, Entrepreneurship & Business, Personal Finance, Wellness
'Chandshanbe Ba Sina' just celebrated its 4th seasons and it has made huge waves in the region by critically questioning
Taking the time for quiet reflection, journaling and making art are all ways that one can tune into oneself and listen for
I believe the way we act in small, insignificant moments is directly related to how we act when the critical moments in life come jumping into our reality. How you do anything is truly how you do everything, is it not? If you are only waiting for the big moments in life to turn on more serious efforts in your business or personal life then you're only fooling yourself.
We are facing a crisis of trust in the world today.
"I realized that the conversations, experiences, and aha's I had while hanging with these guys were missing links to helping
We must realize that the path to becoming an expert at something requires dedicated, incremental growth and is key to understanding the power of having a growth mindset.
Whether you want to stand up to your annoying sister-in-law or just raise your hand more in meetings, here are five strategies to practice to close the confidence gap:
A negative mind set won't see your business moving in the right direction. Depressing yourself with potential ifs and buts will make your business suffer. No-one knows the long-term, or even mid-term, impact of Brexit. If you're a business owner and leader, you should focus on what matters and what is within your control - your actual business.
Get through the school year with a smile.
Lack of Understanding of Finances I have heard every excuse under the sun; I am bad at math, I can't get my head around numbers
Most of our battles in life take place on the battlefield within our minds. Life is like school, filled with many lessons to be learned during each stage of our growth.
However, over a week later, I still notice marked differences in my students' attitudes and how they talk about their process
This new emphasis on student motivation is a very good thing. It is helping reduce the fever that gripped the country during the worst days of the standardized testing movement, when we deluded ourselves into thinking that if we just raised academic standards, America's most struggling students would respond with the increased effort required to meet them.