Talks between the U.S. president and Kim Jong Un abruptly collapsed in Hanoi earlier this year.
"I think this was a big debacle for this White House press shop from start to finish," said CNN's Jim Acosta.
North Korea experts see a silver lining in the collapse of the summit with Kim Jong Un: At least nothing really bad happened.
The "Late Night" host picked apart Michael Cohen's congressional testimony and Trump's summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
The daughter of the late war hero, Sen. John McCain, had a sobering response to the president's message.
While President Donald Trump flew in by plane to meet Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, the North Korean leader rode in his fancy train.
“Everybody on my staff, crew, they’re all laughing at this."
A man who impersonates Kim Jong Un has been kicked out of Vietnam, just days before President Donald Trump’s meeting with the North Korean leader.
The North Korean leader is slated to meet with President Trump in Hanoi later this week.
The president's already claiming his overtures to North Korea’s dictator merit another term and maybe a Nobel Peace Prize, too.
Hanoi hairdresser Le Tuan Duong says people prefer the North Korean leader's hairstyle to the president's.
Truong Tan’s catalogue for his first solo exhibition in 1994 documents his tentative exploration of performance art and frequent
From Hoi An, take an overnight train to Hanoi, and then a bus to Halong Bay. There are hundreds of boat tour operators to
If we are to really express our gratitude to those who serve and honor the memory of those who have fallen we must use the democratic freedoms they swore to protect. We should deliberately, consistently and publicly question the rhetoric and agendas of a government which has poured out the blood of its people only to later render their sacrifices meaningless.
President Obama visited Vietnam this week in hope of firming up his "rebalance to Asia" policy, which had faltered in recent years.
Young Vietnamese kayakers in matching tracksuits from the Hanoi Kayak Club take part in a training session for the national