Fox News’ Sean Hannity Forced To Hitch Scooter Ride From Stranger In Vietnam

“Everybody on my staff, crew, they’re all laughing at this."

Sean Hannity claimed Monday that heavy traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam, forced him to hitch a ride on the back of a motorbike to make it to the Fox News set in time.

The host of “Hannity,” who is in the Vietnamese capital this week to cover President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, said he jumped out of the car he was traveling in and asked a random man on a scooter to give him a lift.

“Everybody on my staff, crew, they’re all laughing at this so I figured I’m going to share it,” said Hannity, who explained that traffic was at a standstill because it was the same time that Kim Jong Un was arriving in the city.

Hannity described hopping on the scooter “with somebody” and riding shotgun on the sidewalk without a helmet and in his suit as “definitely interesting” and “chaotic.”

Check out the video here:

Hannity, who last week ranted about the “abusively biased hate-Trump media” on his show, also shared a photograph to Twitter:

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