haters gonna hate

The fascinating thing, however, is not so much the root of why a hater hates but, rather, the psychological processes that more broadly undergird and propel the hating.
Is this really 2015 humor? Is this New Yorker humor? Is this even funny?
It's game time, and touchdowns and tailgating are in full swing. But not everyone is ready for some footballlll. These five great college towns offer plenty of amusements beyond the end zone. These are our top picks for destinations that score big with football junkies and non-fans alike.
Can we get Breanna Youn's message reprinted on T-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and possibly tattooed on all of our foreheads
1. Bill Murray hired a deaf-mute personal assistant just to piss people off. In his attempt to invade Greece, Xerxes I of
Awhile back, in my social media marketing class at UCLA, we had a discussion on the power of recommendation, influence, and user reviews. It's a very good topic -- the Yelp generation relies almost totally on what their peers say -- good and bad.
Do we call out 'haters' too much? A history of the word 'haters' in recent popular culture
Through the years, there have been occasions when the folks I thought had my back were some of the first to prick the bubble and let the air out of my excitement. Today, it is an annoyance that I've learned to ignore. Long ago, I learned never to give anyone the power to steal my joy.
Haters gonna hate - it's a fact of life. And while most of us have unfortunately accepted their dominance of the internet