The false claims go back to at least 2012 when Facebook changed its terms of service.
“Claims that it is a ‘hoax’ do not represent my views," one reporter for the conservative network has tweeted in response to Carlson's comments.
Carlson claimed earlier this week that the notion of a white supremacy problem in the U.S. is “a hoax” created by the left and the media.
Fox News host says "it’s actually not a real problem in America.”
The NYPD initially reported the doll was a 3-month-old child that had been pronounced dead at the scene of an undetermined cause.
Last month, Rep. Adam Schiff wrote to Mark Zuckerberg expressing concern over Facebook's involvement in spreading anti-vaccine hoaxes.
Little monsters are causing a latte headaches for the coffee company.
This was no hoax. The device had the "components" of an actual bomb.
We're utterly fascinated with the idea of sharks being in places they shouldn't be.
“I have never seen this many hoaxes flood in this quickly. They just keep coming.”
Tyson Benz's mother says a 13-year-old girl charged in connection with her son's death is not facing a harsh enough punishment.
The Donald's fowl minded (and foul minded) quacks, tweets, and caws are well documented. Such bird-brained quackery should never be allowed to occupy The Oval Office.