house judiciary committee

Invoking George Soros’ name to attack Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg needs to stop, says New York Rep. Dan Goldman.
The subpoena arrives days after Trump was charged in a 34-count felony indictment in connection with a hush money scheme.
Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) spoke out against insurrection supporters during a long and chaotic debate in the House Judiciary Committee.
The department told the House Judiciary Committee chair a disclosure could compromise the president's ongoing special counsel probe.
House Republicans are promising aggressive oversight of the Biden administration once they assume the majority next year.
The Twitter account linked to the Republican congressman was slammed with replies that pointed to GOP colleagues who haven't paid back their debts.
Twitter users remind the House Judiciary GOP that no one is supposed to be above the law.
The first-in-the-country task force will spend two years addressing the harms of slavery and systemic racism.
The bill creates a commission to study slavery and discrimination in order to better educate the public about reparation and what compensation would look like.
The "Late Show" host introduced theatrical Republican distractions in the form of Baby Yoda, a sax solo and margaritas for all.