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"You're not going to see the type of diversity... when you don't have that diversity reflected on the staff at these publications."
Nearly a decade after his son’s death, Steve Irwin’s father is furious at the cameraman who broke a pact of silence regarding the Crocodile Hunter’s final moments.
After more than 14 hours of deliberation a federal jury in Massachusetts has handed down the death penalty.
May 11th is a day where fans celebrate a series that forever changed science fiction on TV: “Twilight Zone.”
The Baltimore police investigation into the death of Freddie Gray may complicate recent charges filed by the prosecution.
According to Gallan, who has never been married, men are just more trouble than they’re worth.
Less than a month after firing its controversial chief executive, American Apparel unveiled a revamped code of ethics on Tuesday, packed with policies to combat sexual harassment and prevent relationships between supervisors and subordinates.
Famed feminist, author and social activist Dr. bell hooks has some qualms about Beyonce and the feminist perspective she projects.
On Monday, the world was shaken forever by an earth-shattering event: TMZ's posting of video showing Solange Knowles violently attacking her brother-in-law, Jay-Z — all while sister Beyonce suspiciously stood by and appeared to do little at all to stop the altercation.
"I never really did that because I was in 'climb the ladder' mode," she said. "If you're thinking about doing it and you're
Although Solomon clarifies this technique is a "completely legitimate method" for postmodern contemporary artists, she notes
A cleaning lady mistakenly threw away modern art in southern Italy, according to a BBC report.
Liam Neeson is opening up about the loss of his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, who died in a skiing accident five years ago.
When an 11-year-old boy sat at a bus stop without a jacket in Oslo, Norway, hidden cameras captured a series of very special moments.
“I don’t think you can do it without the Lord’s help,” she explained. “When you get this many people in one house, you’re
She told Forbes that, before his illness, she was the consummate multi-tasker, an approach to life that ultimately proved
While there are over 150,000 books in's "self-help" category, there's no single manual for this thing we call
See the full conversation at HuffPost Live. The two met in high school and then joined the military together in 2010, while
With the disturbing spate of hate crimes in New York City recently, Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law