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We don't yet know everything 2017 will bring, but as we revisit the major events and cultural moments of 2016, it is helpful
No analysis of the race for Illinois comptroller is complete without the term "proxy war." The court cites "a well-defined
After an entire year without an operating budget, Illinois breathed a sigh of relief June 30 when Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner
By the way, I bet Illinois could make a nice tax haul if we'd legalize fireworks like Indiana and Missouri. MADELEINE: Oh
The plan passed on June 30 will get Illinois through the year, but the same issues that caused the yearlong budget impasse
The political stalemate is... temporarily over.
Senate Democrats are backing a plan to put $750 million more into K-12 eduction, $286 million of which would go to Chicago
Thus, prospective opponents from the opposing party stand little chance and incumbents go unchallenged. Those are our topics
Events this week in state politics inspired us to begin promotion of two Twitter hashtags: #doyourjob and #ilbudgetnow. We
Still without a state budget, I have to say that Illinois is not only the worst state for affordable childcare, but it is quickly becoming an unsafe place for women and girls.
You can also listen to the podcast here or through iTunes: We review the final days of the legislative session and look at
In the months to come, Madigan would sharpen his criticism of Rauner and his policies, which Madigan said sought to revive
That's cold, right? Well, tough, it's every man and woman for himself. It's all about me, right? Just like the Springfield
MATT DIETRICH: Hi Madeleine. I'd love to answer your question but at the moment I'm being bombarded by emails from the governor's
At least four of the state's public universities have seen a drop in applications for the coming fall semester: Eastern, Western
The week saw Gov. Bruce Rauner and the four leaders of the General Assembly meet on the state budget for only the second
As FY 2017 approaches, groups of rank-and-file lawmakers have tried to make progress on a budget that covers FY 2017 while
It all sounds confusing, but it's not that complicated. The kidnap victim this time is K-12 education funding, and the big
The previous vote for a temporary income tax increase occurred in 2010 in the dead of night, during a lame-duck session, on