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I made it about 15 minutes late, meekly shuffled onto the stage, and found my home. And spoiler alert: the lessons you learn in improv are actually about life offstage.
The writers deserve the credit for the show's humorous dialogue.
A celebration of "Last Week Tonight's" best recurring joke.
Like any other comedian, Boston-based stand-up comic Dana J. Bein is ruled by "the hustle." Comedy's DYI culture makes it easier than ever to create and share content. There is no reason to wait -- for agents or network deals.
Amy Poehler inspires countless people every day, and is a wealth of both comedy and excellent advice. She knows the value of an open mind in today's quote.
7) The broads from "Broad City" showed up to be the monologists at the second Asssscat on Sunday, while comedy central queen
Twelve weeks into my webseries and I have to admit: I am completely and totally shocked that I haven't risen to the YouTube superstardom I just assumed would be gifted to me after the first five minutes of my cuddling search aired. Also, I still don't have a boyfriend. Whaaaaaat?!
Improvisation comedy will teach you to improv life. Life is rough sometimes with these walls and barriers and judgments we've set for ourselves. Improvisation takes you to new adventures.
Rebekah said "yes!" Watch the entire proposal in the video above (scroll to 5:30 to see the proposal). Keep in touch! Check