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People tend to pile into markets just as they are nearing their peaks, and panic out of them only after prices have fallen.
As I mentioned in my op-ed on recode, Virtual Reality is the New Tech Frontier, But It's Still a Boys' Club: Because it's
I think a founder should take exactly zero from the check I write to the company in the form of salary. If they earn a salary
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The value of diversity at the top was validated by a McKinsey study in 2012. "For companies ranking in the top quartile of
Many investors are concerned about selling a property on lease option because of the possibility that the tenant buyer will claim equitable interest.
2. During this phone conversation you are going to ask one very important question: "Who do you know that might be interested
Most startups begin with 'Friends & Family' (F&F) money. It's supposedly the easiest money to raise. Why? You have an existing
Studies at Copenhagen Business School show that the design of a pitch can significantly improve the probability of obtaining
Pitch with a Gripping Story Yes, you need to have a convincing story with which your audience feel completely persuaded during