Jim Walton

Once Nick Melvoin joins the Los Angeles Unified School District board, he’s going to require all high school civics teachers
Price also gives a significant amount of screen time to Abby Pogrebin, who played a small ensemble role (Evelyn) in the musical
Walmart's Board of Directors has been wired against shareholder-driven change since the 1960s. The Walton family controls sufficient shares to bottle up any grassroots initiatives.
From Warren Buffett to Mark Zuckerberg, here's a rundown of where the top 10 U.S. billionaires were born and how they became so rich they could buy a country together.
I believe that it will take a lot of news intelligence and creativity to turn CNN around. Cutting costs and firing guys will not do it.
Leonard Lauder, former CEO of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Net worth: $7.6 billion His Horizon Organic Dairy Idaho Farm
Today is my last day at CNN. Thirty-one years is a big chunk of my life--let's be charitable and call it well more than half
Under President Obama, however, unemployment rates have continued to decrease. Also, even if there are 12 million new jobs under Romney, what types of jobs will they be? Given Romney's stances and allegiances, he is probably talking about poverty wage jobs.
An advocacy group on Friday filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint alleging that Walmart heir Jim Walton violated
Jeff Zucker is looking to exit his role as executive producer of Katie Couric's new daytime talk show, Deadline Hollywood
MSNBC president Phil Griffin says he has been approached to run CNN, Michael Wolff reported in Monday's USA Today. Once the
CNN is still actively searching for its new worldwide president, who will replace Jim Walton when he steps down at the end
CNN's latest numbers indicate that the network is now viewed predominantly by adult males with Crohn's disease who forgot to turn their televisions off and Long-toed salamanders between the ages of four and eight.
July ratings are now in and Fox News viewers continue to outnumber the viewers of the three other cable news channels by a tiny margin.
Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes recently told reporters that he was "not happy with CNN's ratings performance and...focused
Last month, news broke that Time Warner executives were considering replacing CNN Worldwide president Jim Walton, the executive
Rachel Maddow called Bill O'Reilly a "race-baiting f*ck," CNN tried to hire Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews wanted Phil
Could it be that the decline in news viewers is symptomatic of a general and genuine disgust by news viewers who are just fed up with the kind of news being fed to them?
But not all executives have such modest tastes -- and some are downright ostentatious. We suspect that in this, a year of