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Boehner's likeliest successor is facing an unexpected challenge.
This story has been updated. "This won't be done in a tidy way," Boehner said. "The battle of ideas never ends and frankly
"I can't predict what will happen," he said at an event hosted by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. "Listen, I'm going
Boehner does have one option that would guarantee the government keeps humming, but carries potentially severe consequences
John Boehner held on to the speaker’s gavel after the new 113th Congress convened Thursday, despite the efforts -- perhaps
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) was reelected to his top leadership role by the new Congress on Thursday, despite
Of 426 votes cast on Tuesday, Boehner received 220. Others who received votes for the speakership include Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Think Congress is dysfunctional during these fiscal-cliff negotiations? What if John Boehner can't even get enough House
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) nominated Newt Gingrich for House speaker during his party's leadership elections
John Boy, crank out these tunes on your best house speakers and pull yourself together, man. You've got a big country to save or screw up.