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The show's casting director, John Papsidera, must go to great lengths to avoid spoiling the anticipated second season.
Westworld has all the ingredients of a blockbuster!
Christopher Nolan's first film since the massive success of his Dark Knight Trilogy is a big movie about the future with with big ambitions, big themes, big images, and big questions about human nature, time, and president-day attitudes and policies. Or lack of same.
Will "Interstellar" win any Oscars? It could, but probably only technical awards. It's almost guaranteed to take home Best
Last year we had Gravity, a chamber music concert compared to this year's grand oratorio, Interstellar. As we all know, our
Christopher Nolan's philosophy of filmmaking apparently is this: Why make one movie when you can make three? Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.
7. "'Interstellar,' a near three-hour whopper of a picture, powers through its plot holes and barrels through the corn. It’s
My biggest problem with Man of Steel is one that has kept me from liking Superman my whole life -- that a superhero with godlike powers and unimpeachable morals is very difficult to relate to or empathize with.
For more on "Interstellar," including why Nolan's deal was so difficult to put together, head over to THR. According to The
“This goes back to a conversation that I had with my brother many, many years ago when he first took his film 'Memento' to
There's a key difference between "scary movies" and "psychological thrillers": That difference is brains. Psychological thrillers force you to conceptualize, to deduce, to muddle.
Person of Interest is a show that attempts to chronicle the paranoia of a post-9/11 world. According to CBS, the show received the highest test ratings of any drama pilot in the last 15 years. However it has received tepid responses from critics.