Julie Chen

Toasts and hugs all around for a familiar face who succeeds Julie Chen on the CBS chat show.
Moonves has been denied his $120 million severance package after CBS conducted an investigation into his conduct.
The co-host will address her departure in a video message on Tuesday's episode.
CBS announced Sunday that CEO Moonves was stepping down amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault.
Co-host Julie Chen, who is Moonves' wife, did not appear on Monday's show.
Moonves is stepping down as chairman and CEO of CBS after a fresh range of allegations were revealed in The New Yorker.
Fifteen former houseguests chart the show's evolution.
Who Do You Think You Are?, the popular celebrity roots show, is finally back on Sunday, March 8th at 10/9c on TLC. Kicking off the season is Julie Chen who ventures to China (a first for the series) and rediscovers the grandfather she thought she knew.