News media reported this week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is moving ahead with the inclusion of “gaming disorder
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo's Plate...Enjoy! Tempted? Watch the video below and enjoy the sightseeing of the greenest region
JD: How has the community (digital, person-al, or otherwise) dealt with the garbage? LS: Last May, my friend Zoë and I walked
TWO CURRENT ITEMS WORTH NOTING: a. Carl's Jr aggressively pitches their half-pound Most American Thickburger equipped with
Want a holiday entertainment but loathing the thought of sugar plum fairies? Tired of standard holiday fare in theater and in the concert hall?
I understand you have a policy. However, two things do not sit well with me. First, the tickets should never have been able
Next time you sit down in front of the TV, make sure you watch something exciting. Because a new study says boring television makes you fat. Yes, we’re serious.
You can keep living under piles of possessions, whether they're in plain sight or hidden away in closets and spare rooms, or you can choose to finally get free of them. Once you start the purge, you are likely to find yourself feeling lighter and less burdened.
Only 30 years old, Kevin Hamedani has decades to reach the heights of Cassavetes or Coppola. In the meantime, he is driven
Have you seen the late George Carlin's riff on "stuff"? If you haven't, it is brilliant and hilarious, and it exemplifies so much of what I believe about the over-filled, over-scheduled, over-thought, and over-wrought experiences that we now call life in 21st-century America.