The good Samaritans drove through the devastation on Kangaroo Island to load their car with injured koalas.
"They’re basically incinerated, which is absolutely heart breaking.” Terri Irwin, Robert’s mother, said as her son almost broke down.
So far, blazes have burned across 14.7 million acres in Australia, and firefighters are working tirelessly to stop them.
Ellenborough Lewis was severely burned in an Australian brushfire. His story is anything but unique.
Six people have died and a thousand koalas were burned alive in unprecedented wildfires, but Australia's leader has refused to talk about climate change.
A koala took a break from the heat in a man’s air conditioned car, and refused to leave!
She claimed she was caring for "Alfred" after finding him on the street.
The adorable trespasser likely broke in through the doggie door.
A baby koala bear was born at Australia’s Symbio Wildlife Park just in time for the holidays.  
Since departing on our global trip we have covered the equivalent of 40 000 miles, which is almost twice around the equator, visiting 4 continents, 12 countries and 40 cities - and we're only getting started.
"The koala bloody chased me tonight!"
A koala made a late-night visit to a hospital in Australia last month, but quickly seemed to realize the waiting room is
It's often easy to overlook the environmental impact of natural disasters when property is destroyed and people lose their
Though he has a long road to recovery ahead of him, AMWRRO says Jeremy "is doing very well and is in great spirits." Firefighters