Korean American

Kim edged the biggest Trump backer in N.J.'s congressional delegation, becoming Congress' first Korean-American Democrat.
The song "Hot Now" includes the line “Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean.”
He also told her "God bless Trump" and "Go back to Asia." But then his next target punched him in the face.
Gary Lee's first public tweets win wide attention contrasting his former boss with the current president.
The Korean-born actor reveals what he's done to navigate Hollywood's racism in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Academics should not be blind to the political context in which we operate.
"Yes, this is America. I am American," reporter responds in viral video.
Books and articles have whitewashed the struggle for marriage equality.
While detractors claim that “Asian American” divides, they fail to appreciate how it unites.
It's the first time Korean-American elected officials have spoken in one voice on the issue.