Labor Issues

Au pair companies market their programs as a way to experience American culture. But many people told HuffPost it’s a poorly regulated, exploitative system that fails to act on allegations of physical and sexual abuse.
Attorney Antone Melton-Meaux was a partner at Jackson Lewis, a firm that advertises its success helping companies beat unions.
Jason Boog, author of "The Deep End," sees a template for writers and publishing workers today in the political activism of Great Depression writers.
Unionized workers are far more likely to speak out about dangerous working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. There's no mystery as to why.
For the first time, the staff of a major party’s presidential nominee will be covered by a union pact.
A Washington spa owner told CNBC her workers hated her for getting them off unemployment. Her workers — and her own messages — tell a different story.
The president of the United Food and Commercial Workers says around 30 members have died since the pandemic began. He expects that number to go up.
People who believe their workplaces are not essential have been begging governors, police, health departments and others to shut them down.
The pandemic has revealed just how poorly many companies treat their employees. Will workers continue to fight back once life goes back to normal?
Amazon and Whole Foods workers are also striking this week for COVID-19-related reasons, demanding hazard pay, expanded paid sick leave and more.