Labor Issues

“Fans need to know" of the forced labor, the lead researcher behind the study said.
They follow in the footsteps of REI workers in New York City who formed a union earlier this year.
Come join HuffPost for a panel discussion in New York City with workers from these companies, or tune in for our livestream on July 20.
The company's decision to slash its contributions to retirement plans has employees talking about a union.
Wisconsin-based employees of subsidiary Raven Software delivered a blowout victory in the union's favor.
The power struggle inside a federal commission shows the real-world consequences of the Senate’s confirmation bottleneck.
The independent Vermont senator has been one of organized labor’s staunchest allies in Congress.
The handful of stores in the greater Richmond area are the first Starbucks locations in Virginia to unionize.
Jennifer Abruzzo, general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board, said “captive audience” meetings are inherently coercive and should be outlawed.
Amazon spent millions on anti-union consultants last year. One worker explains how he and his friends discredited and flustered them to win a historic election.