Labor Issues

Mailers from the Freedom Foundation dangling a dues “credit” looked like they came from a union president.
In 1981, Ronald Reagan set back the cause of labor for a generation. Biden has the chance to reverse that.
Falling real wages and high corporate profits have fomented militancy on the picket lines at Ford, GM and Stellantis.
"Obviously all the issues are necessary enough to strike or else we wouldn’t have done it, but I think it’s just the complete lack of empathy. That is the most concerning thing."
“Sometimes you’re a Latino writer and you’re only given Latino jobs, and if those shows are getting canceled or aren’t getting made, then when are you gonna work?”
“I didn’t even think it was a huge deal when all of this was starting.”
“It’s almost a weird spiderweb I feel like I’m in.”
“This is the f**ked up part about just how the industry works.”
Co-workers said Chris Begley, a 28-year veteran of UPS, "embodied the spirit of what it means to be a Teamster."
Is the labor union term related to its definition of a crusty formation over a wound? We unpack the history.