Labor Issues

The union will be covering the cost of COBRA during the lapse.
The auto industry hasn't seen a United Auto Workers walkout like this in years.
The union and the automaker failed to come to an agreement on a new four-year collective bargaining deal.
Projects that raise money on the site fear they will lose funders who want nothing to do with Kickstarter.
The United Auto Workers union and GM will hit a negotiating deadline this weekend, just as the union faces more embarrassing corruption news.
Workers at the fundraising platform went public with their union campaign in March.
BA has offered a pay rise of 11.5% over three years but members of the pilots association wanted a bigger share of the company’s profits.
Gallup has been tracking the favorability of unions for decades, and it's been steadily rising since the recession ended.
The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers union (UE) shares his unabashed anti-corporate populism.
The Vermont senator’s labor plan would also eliminate so-called right-to-work laws and limit CEO pay for federal contractors.
Democrats are expected to steer their money toward union businesses, but some campaigns have spent money at nonunion hotels, even ones under boycott.
The "Patriot Act" host explained the "development crunch," an exploitative cycle that runs rampant across the video game industry.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee pitches his aggressive climate change plan to union workers.
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and others in the 2020 field promised public-sector employees they would make it easier to bargain collectively.
The Washington state governor promised to make sure clean energy jobs are “good-paying union jobs.”
In a closed meeting, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told the campaigns that Democrats shouldn't expect union support if they don't change their ways.
The Washington governor says his state has proved putting workers first is good for the economy.
The decision by a three-judge panel keeps alive a batch of executive orders that unions have been fighting.
Amazon workers in Minnesota and other places around the world walked off the job to protest what they've decried as odious and unsafe working conditions.