Labor Issues

The union lost decisively in a preliminary vote count but says the company broke the law.
The vaccine is free, but employees still bear the burdens of navigating sign-up systems and recovering from the shots.
The awkwardness shows how much the political grounds have shifted when it comes to the world's largest online retailer.
Everyone wants to know who wins, but be ready for challenged ballots, days or weeks of waiting for results and a protracted legal fight.
When the coronavirus pandemic erased nearly 1.4 million public sector jobs, the losses disproportionately hit Black families.
The retail giant's attempt to scuttle a union drive is just a scaled-up version of corporate America's standard playbook.
The measure, which union leaders have presented as a cure for decades of working-class wage stagnation, was approved on a mostly party-line vote.
The president did not directly endorse the union drive at an Alabama Amazon facility, but he said unions "put power in the hands of workers."
A coalition of groups, including unions, sent a letter to the White House reminding Joe Biden he vowed to be "the most pro-union president you’ve ever seen."
Labor groups across the country and beyond are joining the effort to create a union at an Amazon facility in Alabama, which would be a first in the U.S.