Labor Issues

After a preliminary vote count in Connecticut, two workers supported and three workers opposed becoming the only unionized Dollar General store in the country.
Firefighting can have lasting physical and mental consequences, and advocates argue it's time for the government to do more to help.
Workers say the cereal giant is pursuing a long-term plan to eliminate the good pay and solid benefits they've won in past contracts.
Almost 99% of union members approved of striking if they don't make progress on a contract, threatening to shut down TV and film production.
The behind-the-scenes workers on film and TV sets say they barely have time to sleep: "We want a quality of life that's worth living."
The memo from Jennifer Abruzzo puts private universities and conferences on notice not to classify such players as “student athletes.”
In the latest Gallup poll, 68% of respondents said they dig unions.
A sudden policy change that will ban "sexually explicit" material from OnlyFans threatens to upend the lives of those who made the platform successful.
Jobless workers in states that cut federal benefits early had much less money but were only slightly likelier to have found jobs.
Despite pressure from management, staffers voted 15-2 to join the Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild.