le poisson rouge

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By Dan Ouellette, ZEALnyc's Senior Editor, September 8, 2016 Cover photos: Chick Corea; Somi; Chris Botti; courtesy of artists
The festival has evolved into the largest annual gathering of Colombian musicians in New York.
The topic driving the need for reinvention in classical music is audience demographics, specifically the drive to recruit millennial audiences into a concert-going culture very different from what they want in a music experience.
Where on earth would I acquire jelly high heels, floral denim skirts, butterfly clips, or a choker necklace?
The thing I'm bursting to tell you immediately about Two Boys is that Anne Strawson (Alice Coote), the detective inspector at the center of it, is about as dumb a cop as you'd hope to avoid on a case where you've been victimized.
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Even with all the thematic non sequiturs and "low brow" imagery -- and perhaps because of it -- Three Men and a Baby seem acutely aware of their distinct interplay with highbrow art and the implications of that relationship.
Chinatown New Year Parade Where: Starts in Little Italy and goes throughout Chinatown When: Sunday, 1PM Price: Free Didn't
Tracy Morgan Where: Carolines on Broadway, 1626 Broadway; (212) 757-4100 When: Sunday, 7:30PM Price: $60-$81.75 Ring in the