leslie jones

The late-night show tested out a wild new format with two hosts instead of one.
The comedian delivered some pointers for the former House speaker on what not to do in the workplace.
After a fight nearly broke out in the Senate, Jones offered to take it to the next level.
The comic and actor is stunned to find the former president is still the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination.
In her new memoir, Leslie Jones also writes that she was originally only offered $67,000 for “Ghostbusters.”
"The Daily Show" guest host completely went off on the ESPN star's hot take and apology.
"The Daily Show" guest host had some thoughts on the new Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Boston.
The "Daily Show" guest host had scorching assessments of McConnell, Rep. Lauren Boebert and other politicians.
The former "Saturday Night Live" star was not pleased with the fortuneteller's vision of her forever love.