LIBRE Initiative

Florida Republican Wadi Gaitan decided to move on due to “the indefensible things being said about immigrants,” one friend said.
One of the speakers of this week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland is Libre's national spokeswoman Rachel Campos
To anyone who follows politics, the Koch brothers are best known for spearheading a sprawling network of groups that invest millions in conservative, libertarian-leaning candidates and causes.
Trump has “ruined a lot of the work that the Libre Initiative, and Hispanic pro-liberty activists have been doing."
If some people want to attack Planned Parenthood, that's their right. But they should be honest about what they're attacking. They're attacking our access to health care, birth control and abortion.
As a minority-majority state (46% of the state's population is Hispanic) with a relatively small population (just over 2 million residents), New Mexico is proving to be a perfect lab for Latino and Hispanic voter engagement.
Only when the Democratic Party takes Latino voters seriously enough to fully engage them, will their candidates be truly competitive in 2016.
Overall, 64 percent of all voters polled favor ending the embargo. Only about a quarter of Democratic voters and about one-third of Independent voters favor maintaining the U.S. embargo with Cuba. However, not all Republicans are enthusiastic about ending the embargo with Cuba.
Anew poll shows that a majority of Americans do not agree with extremists in Congress seeking to link Department of Homeland Security funding to the repeal of the President's executive action on immigration.
The group also noted that the expansion of health insurance under Obama’s reform has disproportionately affected the Latino
As long as Republicans keep opposing policies that most Latinos and Americans as a whole support, it's unlikely the Libre Initiative will have much success. But given the deep support and huge bank accounts of its two most important funders, the threat posed by Libre is one that we should all take seriously.
“They were very proud of their self-reliance and independence,” Garza said of his parents. “They had come to America with
In August, hours after two business owners tapped to speak during the GOP Convention on what was billed as “We Built It” Night
We so often hear that Republicans have lost ground with Hispanic voters. But the real story is that Hispanic voters feel like both political parties -- Republicans and Democrats -- are more interested in securing their community's votes than in solving their problems.