lyme disease

“The little me that suffered would be so proud of grown me for not giving up on myself,” the model wrote in an update on her chronic Lyme disease.
Bella Hadid has publicly discussed her struggles with the tick-borne disease on several occasions.
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Infectious disease experts break down the symptoms to notice following a tick bite — and what to do about it.
“It seriously looked like she had shoved some food in her ear,” Jessica DeLoach told People about the incident, which she documented on TikTok.
Experts say cases of babesiosis are increasing along with Lyme disease. Pay attention to these symptoms.
Natasha Yi said "personal information has recently been discovered that leads us to believe JV will not be coming back."
Check out specially treated clothing for kids and adults, insect repellents for the skin and tick prevention tips from medical professionals.
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The comedian said she's "eager to get rid of it."