Male Strippers

Suddenly, "Vivica's Black Magic" seems a lot less... magical.
How does a male go-go dancer make the transition from the beat-infused bars of New York's nightclubs to the muscle-lined stages of men's physique competitions?
The Lower East Side has always been a playground for oddballs, creative types who diverge from Manhattan's mold. It's a quirky neighborhood filled with idiosyncrasies and secrets stuffed in blocks and buildings. These days, south of Union Square is trending, a wonderland of bars, movie houses, and restaurants that offer a refreshing contrast to Midtown.
All of this comes at a price of course. The company's founders tell The Huffington Post that prices will be available in
Feel free to stare a little longer at Big Red. On Tuesday, Joe Manganiello, who plays Big Dick Richie in "Magic Mike," and
Before walking down the aisle, some celebs like to let loose. Strippers are a traditional part of both bachelor and bachelorette
Footage of a Florida student's striptease, delivered in an effort to distract a Baptist preacher, is going viral a year after
But early Monday morning, everything else in the Prince George’s County strip club was lively. Three dancers were busy on
The bride, Wendy Haddon, told ABC News that the officers "went along with it very well," even taking photos with the women
Magic Mike turns the tables on the usual movies with women as sex objects, and does it in a way that has to strike a balance between raunchy and charming. If you buy the balance, Magic Mike finds "the sweet spot."
If a man really moved like a male stripper in bed we'd need chiropractic care. That's if he wanted to continue amid the laughter.
Manganiello, who took "True Blood" by storm starring as the Adonis-like Alcide, has some surprising interests for a werewolf
Howard Stern was at home for the second part of the New York auditions on "America's Got Talent" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on NBC
It's an age we've all been waiting for: the age of the male stripper! With news that former "Blossom" star Joey Lawrence
Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog As for the theme costume he wears before stripping down, co-star Joe Manganiello recently