Maryland General Assembly

The bill would increase the state’s minimum wage from the current $10.10 per hour to $15 by 2025 for companies with 15 or more workers.
Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford), who is white, reportedly said "everyone has used" the slur.
Frank Underwood, the legislative mastermind of "House Of Cards" who always seems to get his way, might have admired the actions of the Maryland House of Delegates on Thursday if they were not directed against the show he stars in.
Meanwhile, in another act of life imitating art, Kevin Spacey, who plays Underwood, wooed legislators Saturday over crab
Del. Neil Parrott, a Western Maryland Republican, said he would mobilize his signature-gathering operation,
The family's case seeking restitution resulted in last year's Maryland Court of Appeals decision labeling pit bulls "inherently
In the past 89 days, lawmakers have passed nearly 500 of the more than 2,600 bills introduced this year, including high-profile
To use the affirmative defense, a caregiver must be 21 years old, a Maryland resident, an immediate family member of the
Visit The Baltimore Sun at "It feels like we just left," Del. Adrienne A. Jones, a Baltimore County Lawmakers had hoped to eliminate the gap entirely in next year's budget, but the Spending Affordability
The lawmakers briefed Wednesday expressed concern that the federal problems could throw the state's plans into reverse at
Between 2006 and 2011, 13 fundraising events have been held for congressional candidates on Sept. 11, according to the website
If measured by the turnout at the rally at the Annapolis state house yesterday, of all the issues confronting the Maryland General Assembly, offshore wind power enjoys the most energetic public support.
This time around, marriage equality proponents in Maryland have greater political momentum, with Gov. Martin O'Malley (D