narco terrorism

On February 26, General John F. Kelly, Commander of the United States Southern Command, presented Southcom's annual "Posture Statement" to the House Armed Services Committee. The Posture Statement surveys threats and concerns in the command's Area of Operations, in this case, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Violence has spiked and people are dying gruesome, preventable deaths in Central America, Mexico, and elsewhere as a result of U.S. consumer tastes. Blood diamonds? No, conflict drugs.
The news media never got around to asking what the Afghanistan people thought of McChrystal being sacked. It turns out that their take didn't even resemble the story that the American media was selling us.
Last week I spoke with Leo R. Chavez, author of The Latino Threat, about Arizona's new legislation that delivers unprecedented power into the hands of the police.
When the government rejects rational, research-driven, evidence-based approaches to drug policy, and our safety, it's time for the people to act.
When campaigning for John McCain Lieberman actually declared Sarah Palin fit to be president. Yet, when it comes to the Fort Hood slayings, Joe Lieberman is spot on.
The nexus between transnational criminal organizations and terrorist groups does not end with illegal drugs. Yet, U.S. and international law-enforcement agencies overlook the connections between them.