New York Comedy Festival

Isolation permeates the walls of a middle-aged woman's studio apartment in TR Warszawa's deeply disturbing "Request Concert
More from ZEALnyc below: "We're thrilled to have such an amazing group of talented comedians this year," Caroline Hirsch
Who: JAY LARSON and RYAN SICKLER What: The CrabFeast Stand Up Tour When: Tuesday, November 8th at 8pm Where: Carolines on
Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer ("Sound Advice") Vanessa will join her brother in the later show. You do not want to miss this
There is so much to be excited about in regards to the upcoming Brooklyn Comedy Festival (Aug. 22-28).
If there's anything I learned during my brief middle school jaunt as an ac-TOR, it's that one must balance drama with comedy to delight an audience. That's what those happy/sad masks meant right? Let's say yes.
Hey, I'm a big supporter of veterans, military families, and the orgs that support 'em. As Veterans Day approaches, the Bob
"Without giving it away, there is an episode where Ilana goes on a journey," Poehler said. "[Ilana and Abbi] both have a
Antica Pesa, which has a sister restaurant in Italy, serves top-notch Roman fare in a muted Williamsburg-cool setting that feels like the culmination of the neighborhood's increasing blend of hip and high-end.
When Amy was originally asked to submit a pilot to comedy central, she and her writers wrote a talk show. "'Chelsea Lately
Donning a "Live In The Meow" shirt, Hamm declared his love for the Web's favorite mammal while setting up a game for contestants
8. "Jimmy" is a real person. 7. They have to do about four 'Intrusive Sponsorships' per year, but they do it like no one
At a performance at the New York Comedy Festival over the weekend, Anthony Jeselnik told the crowd that The Jeselnik Offensive
CH: Just that unique voice. You have to have something that distinguishes you from the next person. Some people just pop
Also absent from this year's lineup is Louis C.K., who headlined several shows in previous years. Tickets are available on
The 2012 New York Comedy Festival returns November 7-11 to offer up big laughs to the Big Apple with comedy's biggest stars performing on New York's grandest stages, including Carnegie Hall, The Beacon Theatre, Madison Square Garden, Town Hall, and The Apollo Theater.