Office of National AIDS Policy

The remaining 16 members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS were fired on Wednesday.
It’s February. And that always means one thing. We are celebrating Black History Month. Throughout the month, we, African
Since 2010 we have made incredible strides toward those goals, and we have addressed some of the structural drivers that make Black Americans, gay and bisexual men, and transgender women disproportionately vulnerable to HIV infection.
"There are many countries in the world where the infection rate is going down - why can't the United States be one of them
"I know Dr. Colfax to be a gifted and talented visionary," said SFDPH Director of Health Barbara Garcia to The Huffington
Without important changes in the way our country addresses HIV/AIDS, in five years the annual rate of 56,000 new infections is more likely to grow than to decline.
This week, HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations around the country are encouraging the public to "Get Yourself Tested," a campaign that culminates on Sunday, June 27, National HIV Testing Day.
This May, President Obama's Office of National AIDS Policy held a meeting to discuss how to tackle the U.S. epidemic. What made this meeting different from past iterations was the diverse group of people in attendance.
Globally, many are acting as though HIV and AIDS are no longer the threat they were 25 years ago when the HIV virus was first discovered. However, in fact they remain an unparalleled global health threat.