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Video will be the #1 marketing tool of 2017, but you need to know the right platforms and tools to leverage it the right
The Internet video revolution has only begun. A new generation of technologies is opening up new opportunities across the board for businesses looking to make their communications more personal and more effective. What are some of the big use cases that are emerging for live video and webcasting?
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According to another survey, the 15-29 year-old Finnish young adults watch Youtube on average of one hour per day and 57
Ryan Carey, the architect of RyCareyously, is one such creator, continuously innovating to help connect others through the
To keep pace with surging demand for online video, publishers, agencies, and brands will need to build and embrace the video
What has CNN or NBC got that you don't have? Nothing... anymore The disruptive nature of video+the Internet is about to bring
A False Choice For media brands in 2016, it seems that the hip thing to do is ditch your website. Should brands take the
Videos drive traffic and engagement, they convey information better than other types of content and promote trust in the brand and its products. Little wonder then, that video is becoming a critical component of every company's marketing mix.
Some of the most interesting stats for me were those arising from what I call the 'human touch'. This is something I have
The trend is nowhere near over. Fallon's YouTube channel is posting more and more of the little games that give you some
With 85 percent of Americans online, content is king today for marketers -- to build brands, demonstrate expertise and sell product. And no strategy may be more effective -- or "kingly" -- than video content and video marketing
What do YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Veoh, and Vine all have in common? All of these platforms have maximized the use of video to capture massive worldwide audiences.
For politicians, the message is clear: making the rounds on the Sunday morning news programs is no longer good enough. The lesson is no less clear for advertisers who rely on the same eyeballs. The advertising industry should take this as a sign that online video is a worthy investment.
Stress is inevitable, but we have the power to take control of how we respond to life's stressors and manage them through
If your kid has watched fight videos, avoid blaming or shaming. Curiosity, vicarious thrills, fascination and pure entertainment value (as pitiful as it sounds) are all valid and normal.
They are willing to spend big money to try to tap the Internet video viewers. Celebrities from Anna Kendrick to John Legend
Dr. Phil questions Romina’s reasoning about her controversial statement. “Your theory is that because they’re willing to
You won't always have time for a 90-minute yoga session so remember that wellness comes in different shapes and sizes. You can do something as simple as reading an entertaining blog for 10 minutes or finding a healthy recipe to try this weekend.
These days, with an estimated population of more than 80 million, millennials are growing up and becoming powerful in the way that matters most to advertisers.