open relationships

This polyamorous woman invited a third person into her marriage — and her home.
You like them. They like you. Boom, it’s done. Seems so simple right? Yeah it did, but as our culture and society continues
"Check up on you, of course." Blog also at The telephone rang twice before the machine answered. Lydia
What I am about to say is probably going to earn me a lot of hate.
I had a confession to make. To my husband, Alex, and our boyfriend, Jon. I was pretty sure I was having an affair, and I
"I'm sorry your marriage didn't work." My mother's words echo in my mind. When a marriage dissolves, can it only be seen as a failure? Can a relationship also succeed not because it lasts forever, but how it ends?
Nowadays I'm bombarded with date and hook-up requests from devoted, loving, legal male partners with children and country homes and happy Instagram holiday photos, and an appetite for single-man sex as big as their stock portfolios. But is it worth it?