The man who wrote the book on password security now says those hard-to-remember passwords don’t actually provide extra security.
Protect non-computer information. Your paper-based files, bank statements, passport, and credit card statements provide ample
BYOD Brings New Era of Workplace Threats Think about your company - do you use your own mobile device or computer for work
You may remember the commercials from 2006, where the guy awkwardly whispered his password "Big Boy" in crowded places. These
How to create multiple passwords & How to remember them By now, most people have accepted the fact that they are vulnerable
Some passwords are funny. Some are pretty weird. Some can be a math problem. Many can be laughably easy to hack (I give you "dadada, ""qwerty," "password" and"123qwe" to name a few.) -- or very tricky. But one thing is for sure, they are never really 100 percent hack proof.
Perhaps I wasn't made aware of World Password Day because it's just that... a single day. Something as valuable as protecting one's Amazon, Walmart and Airbnb accounts from cybercriminals surely merits more than one 24-hour clock cycle.