Recently, I made the decision to become a little more secure on the internet. I don’t have much to hide except maybe bank
The Palestinian children that appear on Google's auto-generated album cover trusted me when we were playing under the olive trees that October day in 2010. Not only did Google Photos break that trust, it missed the essence of that afternoon and the reason for my trip entirely.
You can get your hands on it now. But how new is it, really?
Forget the logical, legal and/or political implications of her actions. From a purely technological point-of-view, in a world in which we are all deathly afraid of losing our files to some unforeseen digital disaster, who consciously completely clears two years of emails, forever?
Check out some other cool services that can transform your Instagram photos: [Hat tip, CNET] "There are currently around
The lack of flash...the lame font and funny multi-colored name, these things are disarming almost to the point of making you forget that Google wants each and every bit of your personal information.
Google will axe two popular brand names, Mashable has reported. What are your thoughts? Weigh in via our QuickPoll (below
It would appear that there is a growing trend in the mobility space. Handset manufacturers are making smart phones socially
When merging data sources and privacy preferences companies must proceed carefully, a lesson Google seems to have learned last weekend.
The unveiling of Google Buzz is being met with skepticism in some quarters even as it seems to hold out several promising features.