My mother often canned and froze food, and grape jelly was her specialty. She would process hundreds of little jars of jelly, often attaching little gingham covers that she cut with pinking shears. I still have some in the back of my pantry.
Last summer Blake Lively launched her own business venture called Preserve. And this Summer she announced plans to close up shop. As an Internet entrepreneur, I've learned a lot watching Blake launch her company and I've also learned a lot watching her wind it down gracefully.
To maximize the shelf life of your produce, take the time to store everything properly before you put it away. This doesn't mean you need to wash everything--in fact, you shouldn't. Most items will last longer if you don't.
In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lively said she's "a lot better" at running the lifestyle business than
Seeing our frailties in the face of behavioral change what do we do?
This will be the first child for Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds, who married in 2012. The former "Gossip Girl" star has
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Blake Lively's new lifestyle website, Preserve, has been mercilessly mocked with fiendish, snarky glee since it debuted last Monday. And honestly, it's hard not to get behind the haters.
It's easy to gloss over the world of taxidermy, pigeonholing the people who practice the craft as morbid morticians of the