Chinese authorities told the BBC that the journalist was detained to protect him from getting COVID.
The man reportedly screamed about the United Kingdom being “built on the blood of slavery" before police tackled him.
Iran’s hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi, speaking to people gathered in front of the former U.S. Embassy building, criticized those protesting the theocracy.
President Joe Biden on Thursday told supporters “we’re gonna free Iran” after audience members appear to call on him to address Iran's ongoing protests.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials under then-President Donald Trump compiled intelligence dossiers on people who were arrested at Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon.
Cannabis activists smoked weed and displayed a giant inflatable joint outside the embassy in Washington.
Protests in Iran have entered a fifth week with demonstrations intensifying in some cities along main streets and at universities across the country.
The Dutch artist’s famous “Sunflowers” got doused in tomato soup during a climate protest in London.
The “Iranian people made their decision,” she said. “Whether the regime cracks down on the protests, whether they shut down the internet, people of Iran won’t give up. ... The anger is there.”