Researchers are working with religious teachers to better understand the healing potential of hallucinogens.
We psychiatrists are amazed to learn that people think we're telepathic, or that we're psychologists, or that we can go out for coffee, or gossip about you. To set the record straight here are ten tips.
Marie-Madeleine was a German Jew, lesbian poet and novelist whose eroticism and love for morphine was revealed in many of her shocking, sensational, and bestselling books of the early twentieth century.
The idea that the amygdala is the home of fear in the brain is just that--an idea. It is not a scientific finding but instead a conclusion based on an interpretation of a finding. So what is the finding, what is the interpretation, and how did the interpretation come about?
Until more talented doctors go into psychiatry, patients will continue to find it extremely difficult to find a good psychiatrist, and stories about patients receiving substandard psychiatric care will overshadow stories about good treatment.
I'm interested in mental health issues, but I'm not a physician and have no medical training. That's why I look forward to the annual Fountain House Symposium and Luncheon, where cutting-edge information is presented by top-drawer experts in terms accessible to a lay audience.
Deeply permeated in the transformational festival culture, Alex and his wife Allyson have become the voices and artists of a generation. In this interview, we discover, learn and transcend.
The aging brain goes through predictable changes, and as a result, old age is usually accompanied by some cognitive decline, even dementia. Happily, some of the risk factors for mental aging are open to intervention.
Depression is a horrible illness where your inner core is twisted and twisted again. Your heart hurts, your brain hurts and your soul hurts.
A new national study on "biosignatures" for depression treatment is groundbreaking in its approach and sophistication; it could usher in a new frontier of brain science.
In a recent New York Times article, "Talk Doesn't Pay, So Psychiatry Turns to Drug Therapy," the sad truth of what was once a noble profession, psychiatry, now a shambles of its former self, is accurately described.
A few weeks after my ex-husband left (and moved in with his personal trainer), I signed-on with a therapist and she promptly set me up with a psychopharmacologist.
Carlat noted that many psychopharmacologists practice "fragmented care" in which they solely prescribe medication for patients while referring them "to a professional lower in the mental-health hierarchy" for therapy.
The test: TeenScreen. Its mission: to test all American school children. The treatment? Psychotropic drugs that carry the all too real risks of suicide, suicidal ideation, homicide and homicidal ideation.
While psychotherapy may not help all depressed people, the loss of psychiatrists practicing psychotherapy means the loss of basic common sense in psychiatry about depression.
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