Two rare weedy sea dragons were successfully bred in an aquarium.
The singer scored new ink at New York City's Bang Bang tattoo parlor and shared a look with her fans on Instagram.
Conclusion: Considering the subject of luck can help us appreciate the moment and increase our compassion toward people who are less fortunate.
Many people write me, asking about how to respond to someone who is diagnosed with a serious illness. People often want very badly to say or do the "right" thing.
My husband and I are not a rare sight. Gay married couples are becoming commonplace. No one is snapping our picture and rushing home to show their family the unusual sight they encountered.
Nearly a century after becoming the first international movie star, Charlie Chaplin continues to hold court as the superlative of slapstick and one the most influential comedic filmmakers in history.
Kentucky rightly lays claim as the heart of bourbon country. More bourbon distilleries are located here than anywhere else in the country. But which bottles to buy? And why?
If you like your steak cooked to medium, take it off the grill when it looks medium rare inside. Which you'll know, of course -- because you've cut into the steak to find out.
Attention rye whiskey fans: Maryland-style and Pennsylvania-style ryes are making a comeback.
Almost everything exciting or wonderful in life has a hint of danger. Cocktails are no exception.
Microsoft is planning to keep Mojang's Stockholm offices operational and the “vast majority (if not all)” of Mojang’s employees
How much would you pay for a slice of history?
Today's meditation features a guided meditation from The Chopra Well YouTube channel. Chopra recites the Tagore poem, "Last
Not so long ago, one of my photo-pals found a pink grasshopper. To be very honest: his special find made me a little bit jealous.After all it is just about the closest thing to a pink elephant!
Together, we could scale up Rare's ground-breaking Pride campaigns, the organization's signature method of inspiring local
In this ongoing series, I talk with thought leaders about ideas and trends in the environmental movement. Next in the series is my conversation with Ocean Conservancy President and CEO Andreas Merkl.