Redistricting (Election)

Gov. Tom Wolf said the proposed map, created after the state Supreme Court invalidated the old one, was still unacceptably gerrymandered.
“An election corrupted by extensive, sophisticated gerrymandering and partisan dilution of votes is not ‘free and equal,’" the opinion says.
It's not perfect, but reform advocates praised it as a good step forward.
Legal experts saw the GOP appeal to the Supreme Court as a long shot.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Sallie Updyke Mundy was one of two justices who wanted to uphold the state's congressional map.
It's the latest step in Republicans’ war not to redraw a very partisan congressional map.
Joseph Scarnati refused to comply because he said he considered a ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to be unconstitutional.
The partisan redistricting of 2011 "makes a difference," said Rep. Steve Stivers.
Federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have blocked North Carolina's congressional and legislative district maps.
The state Supreme Court could order new congressional maps before the end of the month.
It is the latest voting rights dispute taken up by the justices.
The map in question was ruled to have violated multiple constitutional amendments.
A proposal to create an independent redistricting commission in one of the worst gerrymandered states could be headed to the ballot in 2018.
"Democrats are expected to act and then Republicans do not follow. They claim they will follow, but they don’t follow.” a Democratic lawmaker said.
Two court cases could reveal how the GOP took over the state’s congressional delegation.