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In a normal economy, 24% of military spouses face unemployment. Navy wife Kimber Hill decided to do something about it.
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The remote conferencing service, which has lots of new users while people isolate during the coronavirus pandemic, has an "attendee attention tracking" feature.
“People think of the secretaries, that it’s all filing, but it’s so much more than that," the Not Your Average Girl Friday founder told HuffPost.
Treat these workers as full members of the community by holding virtual holiday parties or email gift exchanges.
We wanted to prove to employers that giving people more freedom is an investment, not a risk.
The days when small towns could give corporations large handouts to create industry and stability are long gone.
Time is our most precious and finite resource. You can not buy more of it. If you are spending it commuting, consider what
Aside from the unwanted distraction of a delivery person, you’ve had zero contact with the outside world.
Some people think I’m entitled, maybe even naive or childish, when it comes to my views on the workplace. Let me elaborate
5. Plan ahead If you are going to travel the world and keep your job you have to plan ahead. Digital nomads around the world