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The days when small towns could give corporations large handouts to create industry and stability are long gone.
I cringe whenever I think about commuting to work. The time spent thinking about actually getting work done. The bumper-to
Aside from the unwanted distraction of a delivery person, you’ve had zero contact with the outside world.
Some people think I’m entitled, maybe even naive or childish, when it comes to my views on the workplace. Let me elaborate
If you run a company and would like to travel and work, try outsourcing parts of your business through online platforms and
Welcome to the global economy. Remote work is here to stay.
A new crop of remote working programs are catering to a growing population of "digital nomads."
What is the primary thing that employers should change to improve retention and job satisfaction among women? Offer more
Little by little remote working is becoming a reality. Over a quarter of U.S. workers are now operating remotely for at least a few hours every week. But making it actually work on a more permanent basis and taking it from an idea in a white paper is a different scenario entirely.
When you ask questions in the meeting, direct those questions towards an individual participant. 7. Direct your questions
In order to be successful, remote workers must operate as self-starters and will thrive with goals-focused direction from you. Provide metrics around the stated goals and projects, and clarity around how they are producing in relation to each goal.
In the modern age of knowledge workers, the issue of where and how we work has become complicated. Here's why: remote work.
Where are you working right now? On your sofa? In a coffee shop with your earbuds in? From your tablet on an outdoor patio? If you work virtually -- that is, "telecommute" -- you're part of a fast-growing trend in the modern workforce. But like any new working practice, making telecommuting part of your usual routine takes some discipline and diligence.
Clichés are prevalent throughout our culture because they reflect a certain truth about life. The phrases here are common everyday phrases and are words to live by both in your personal and professional life.