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One in four Americans believe humans will figure out time travel before women reach equality in the corner office.
1) Measure R and Measure R2 which aim to fund the significant expansion of mass transit in the County; 2) The L.A. River
The Broadway star sat down with HuffPost to discuss "Hamilton," the importance of arts education and his passionate words about Orlando at the Tonys.
Robin Wright lays it all out at the Rockefeller Foundation...
With Insight Dialogues, we hope to not only catalyze conversations that cut across generations, geographies, points of view and experiences, but also help identify where we must deepen, elevate or refine our focus.
The Black Holes of Greenland are cryoconites are created when a deposited mass of soot, consisting of glued amalgums created by bacteria, focuses heat absorption, melting deep holes into the ice.
The capital pipeline Investors, philanthropists, and the rest of the international development space have quickly picked
Thousands of New York City students are about to get the field trip of their lives. The Rockefeller Foundation has pledged $1.5 million to what may be the most ambitious set of these excursions ever imagined: a chance for 20,000 New York City high school juniors to see the Broadway musical Hamilton.
It is clear that we need cost-effective, innovative solutions to build the resilience of the communities in dealing with both mega-fires and the drought.
Investing in clean energy access provides a disruptive opportunity to revolutionize electricity systems and get on the right side of the politics of development -- philanthropy just hasn't realized it yet.