There's only one sunset in this town, and it costs $22 to stare at.
The same way you can't see the rooftops from the ground, it might not be easy to appreciate life fully if we're stuck seeing the world from one point of view. Start looking at things from a new angle and you're bound to feel appreciation and abundance. After all, we become what we perceive.
A Caribbean cruise or vacation rental south of the equator are one way to escape the impending winter chill, and then there's
Can you believe some people actually have access to this space?
Klaas Kuiken consulted with the Vogelbescherming (Dutch Bird Association) to conceive of the "Birdhouse Rooftile" a design which offers more places in which our feathered friends may rest and feed within the city.
Ludo in Chicago with Pawn Works Gallery. (photo © Jaime Rojo) At Large, Nekst, Rusk in Williamsburg, Brookklyn. (photo © Jaime
Whether it's the fresh air, the towering views or the refreshing libation in hand, life at the top -- the rooftop, that is -- is good.
Take an interactive journey across New York's climate-friendly rooftops with Climate Desk, a journalistic collaboration between