Ryan Zinke

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) and a group of far-right House Republicans want to revoke visas issued to Palestinians.
Ryan Zinke’s department spent nearly $139,000 to upgrade some doors when he was secretary of the Interior.
The GOP rule during wildfires: Only talk about “active forest management.” Don’t even mention climate change.
Fact: The National Park Service manages America’s national parks.
The "Late Night" host did his best impression of the Vermont senator to diss the far-right Montana lawmaker.
The new MAGA House member isn't putting conspiracy theories out to pasture.
Theodore Roosevelt didn't say the phrase Zinke, a self-proclaimed "unapologetic admirer" of the 26th president, attributed to him — but George W. Bush did.
The former Trump administration official is projected to win the race for Montana’s new House seat, after exiting D.C. under a cloud of scandal.
The scandal-plagued former Trump administration official has suddenly found himself in a competitive race against Democrat Monica Tranel.
Ryan Zinke is campaigning to once again fight "swamp" serpents in D.C. His opponent, Monica Tranel, hopes to defeat “the biggest snake of them all.”