sally mann

The thread that runs deeply throughout Hold Still is Mann’s love of and reverence for place. The Blue Ridge Mountains, the
Sally Mann opens her memoir, Hold Still (Little, Brown), by invoking the muese. An outdated word, the meuse is a mark left in the ground after a small animal leaves; the grass or dust bears an imprint of its departed body.
Over twenty years ago, Sally Mann published Immediate Family (Aperture), a book of photographs of her children playing on their family farm in Virginia, which was called "disturbing" by the New York Times and "degenerate" by the Wall Street Journal.
This expansive Parisian festival of photography, is billed as "an international recognition of photography as art." This year pushes its remit into the worlds of music, film and architecture.
But, even before the '90s, amateur photography was upheld by thinkers such as Barthe, whose Camera Lucida considers family
JH: No, it's not for me. I take a lot of photos and I enjoy the act of photography as much, if not more than anything else
A collection of photographs from notable female artists is heading to auction, with proceeds benefitting the Avon Foundation
With her unique and captivating style, Sally Mann is one of the world's most celebrated photographers.
Moby: It's a series of repetitive juxtapositions - between very crowded spaces and empty spaces. The crowded spaces make
These photographs--so much more affective and beguiling, magical, honest, breathtaking, and complex in person--have lingered in my head since I saw them in the flesh.
Upon booking my first trip to New Orleans, Vogue promptly landed on my doorstep. There, before my very eyes, was a whole page dedicated to the style of New Orleans, or in my case: What To Pack.
Never -- and I say this with love -- never has a TV drama been so good and then gone so completely off the rails as Friday Night Lights.