snowball fight

A 1962 ban on throwing projectiles in Wausau lumps snowballs into the same category as rocks and other items that can cause serious harm.
"We're all sick of all this snow," said the St. Paul mayor of his challenge to Minneapolis leaders.
Dane Best, 9, told Severance council members "kids need a reason to play outside."
At first glance, this film might seem to simply be about a bunch of kids entertaining themselves on winter school break with a major snowball fight. But, it is packed with some very powerful life lessons and messages.
Get your Snowmageddon fix while staying warm and dry.
When a snowball fight is on, no one is safe. That's what hundreds of snow-loving Washington D.C. residents found out during
Something as simple as snow allowed us to use our creativity in ways that weren't everyday occurrences.
On Monday, UO President Michael Gottfredson released a statement saying some of the students involved had been identified
Check out photos from the 2010 snowball fight: Flickr photo by Kyle Taylor, used under a Creative Commons license. As of